Industrial Solutions Reference Chart

ApplicationsVerdeCoat®Lemon #1 FlakeR-49 Refined ShellacRegular ShellacCrystalac® Flake120 Mesh ShellacHydrolac B-5 PowderAquasize StiffenersAqueous Shellac DispersionsIndustrial Varnishes
Abrasives   x       x        
Adhesives   x       x       x
Compostable Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging x                  
Hat Stiffeners   x x x     x x x x
Lacquers     x             x
Latex     x           x  
Leather     x x         x  
Lighting   x               x
Paints   x x x           x
Printing Ink   x x x x   x   x x
Specialty Coatings & Applications   x x x x x x   x x
Wood Finishing   x     x         x


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