Cosmetic & Personal Care Industries Reference Chart

ApplicationsPoly-SoleilPoly-TresseCertified R-49Crystalac FlakeTEALACAqueous DispersionsCustom BlendsMantrocel HPMCCrystalac Zein
Body Paint     x x x   x x  
Conditioner               x  
Curl Revitalizers   x              
Eyeliner     x x x x x   x
Hair Spray   x x   x x x   x
Lotions & Creams x             x  
Mascara     x x x x x x x
Mousses   x x x     x x  
Nail Polish     x x     x    
Oral Care     x x     x x  
Shampoo               x  
Straighteners   x              
Styling Gel   x           x  
Sunscreens x   x         x  
Thermal Heat Protectant   x              


Select from our current line of products or work with us to develop a custom coating or application method to meet your company’s specific needs.